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So, you’re a tradie and you’re good at what you do and you love working at what you do best (which is not bookkeeping).

We get it! You don’t want to be spending valuable time trying to sort out your paperwork when you can be out building your business and bringing home the bacon.

We will help you with your record keeping obligations, also helping you comply with ATO requirements.


If you’re in the Building and Construction industry, we will even take care of your TPAR.

We will set up systems and software that will help you manage everything from BAS to those annoying fuel receipts. Did you know that you can do all of the above on your smart phone?


Visit Cloud Computing for more information.

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Service Industry


Whether you are in child care, hairdressing or lawn mowing, your goal is to spend more time with your clients, meeting their needs and less time on your paperwork.



Your industry is all about customer service and meeting your client’s needs in a timely manner. We understand this as we are in a service industry also.

We will help you to achieve that goal by making your life easier, we will take care of your bookkeeping/paperwork piles and provide you with software that will enable you to issue invoices on the spot – anywhere, anytime. This will reduce double handling and long hours in the office after a hard day’s work, just so you can get paid.

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Small / Medium Business


Your business is growing rapidly and you feel more out of control than ever. You know you need to get some systems in place but you don’t have the time or the motivation.



We have the right systems and software available to help you manage your bookkeeping more efficiently.

We will help you:

  • Create reliable office systems
  • Meet BAS/PAYG requirements
  • Engage an employee or subcontractor
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Use your phone/tablet to increase mobility and flexibility

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 Home Business



Working from home can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right systems in place.



Although working from home has its advantages, like flexible hours and relaxed attire, you need to be organised and motivated to get the job done.

We can help you set up some office systems and provide software that will have you spending less time on your paperwork and more time with your family.

Contact us now to discuss how we can simplify your bookkeeping.

 Cloud Computing


Have you heard about Cloud Computing and would like to know how this can benefit you?

What is it?

Cloud computing is the ability to use software and applications and to access files over the internet. Without realising, you may have been using cloud computing for years (examples include internet banking and email – Hotmail and Gmail).

How does it help your business?

It means that you can now work from any device – your desktop PC/ MAC, Smartphone or Tablet anywhere, any time. All you need is access to the internet. This enables your business to become more mobile and it means that you are only a log-in away from creating an invoice, checking your recent transactions and receiving payments.

This technology allows your bookkeeper to access your data file at the same time as you. You can also give access to your accountant at the end of the year (no more annoying transfer of data files, losing data or upgrading software)

How do you get Cloud Software?

Contact us now to discuss how we can get your bookkeeping in the cloud.


Want to get involved? Want to learn more about your software? Can’t find the information you need?

We can teach you how to use your software to find the information you need.

We offer training in MYOB, Reckon, Xero and Intuit. We also offer training in general computing including the Microsoft Office suite. We are highly skilled in all aspects of these programs and look forward to passing on that knowledge to you in our training sessions.


Contact us now for more information on training options.

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